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Nanjing Eco-Tech Island Exhibition Centre 2016 NBBJ Puyuan Rd, Xi Wei Yi Technology Park, Jianye

Nanjing International Youth Culture Centre 2016 Z. Hadid Yangzijiang Av, Jianye, Hexi New Town

Victims of Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall (Mémorial du massacre de Nankin) 2015 Architectural Design & Research Institute of South China University of Technology 418 Shuiximen St, Jiangdong Middle Rd, Chating E St, Jianye

bureaux A1 offices 2014 One Design Jiu Long Shan Lu, Nanjing Hongfeng Technology Park, Qixia

Baiyunting Culture and Art Center (centre culturel) 2014 Dushe réhabilitation marché, angle corner Huimin Rd, Nantong Rd

Nanjing Medical University 2014 BDP (Building Design Partnership) Jingcheng Av, Jiangning

Sifang Art Museum 2013 S. Holl 178 Pearl St, CIPEA, Foshou lake, Pearl Spring

conference centre 2010 A. Isozaki CIPEA, Foshou lake, Pearl Spring

Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum 2010 KSP (J. Engel) 266 Changjiang Rdürgen-engel-architekten/

Nanjing University Performing Arts Center 2009 P. Scott Cohen Nanjing University Campus, Xianlin

Nanjing Jinling conference center 2008 tvsdesign Jiangdong Middle Rd, Bailongjiang W St, New District


site officiel de la ville de Nanjing
official Nanjing's city website



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