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logements, bureaux, commerces Chaoyang Park Plaza housing, offices, stores 2017 MAD angle corner Chaoyang Park S Rd, Tianshuiyuan St, Chaoyang

bureaux (tour) Poly International Plaza offices 2016 SOM (Skidmore, Owings, Merrill) Bao Li Guo Ji Guang Chang (Hongtai E St), WangJing, Chaoyang

M Woods museum entrance (accueil) 2016 Vector 2 Jiuxianqiao Rd, 798 Art Zone, Chaoyang

lycée français international Charles de Gaulle de Pékin french international school of Beijing 2016 J. Ferrier 18 Xinjin Rd, Chaoyang

logements (tour) Beijing Greenland Center housing 2016 SOM (Skidmore, Owings, Merrill) Hongtai E St, Dawangjing, Chaoyang

cantine centrale central canteen 2015 SUP Atelier / School of Architecture Tsinghua University Tsinghua University, Qing Hua Da Xue, Haidian

siège (tour) "People's Daily" headquarters 2015 Architects and Engineers Associates of Southeast University Jintai West Rd 2, Courtyard Building 6, Chaoyang

bureaux Guanghualu SOHO 2 offices 2015 GMP (Von Gerkan, Marg und Partner) Guang Hua Lu, Chaoyang

Ccial, bureaux Wangjing Soho complex shopping centre, offices 2014 Z. Hadid Futong W St, Wangjing, Chaoyang

Phoenix International Media Center 2013 BIAD Chaoyang Park S Rd, Chaoyang

77 Theatre 2013(?) Origin réhabilitation imprimerie, 798 Art District, International District 77b, Chaoyang

Ccial, de loisirs, bureaux Galaxy Soho leisure, shopping centre, offices 2012 Z. Hadid / BIAD 7A Xiao Pai Fang Hutong, bord by the 2d Ring, Dongcheng

siège "CCTV" headquarters 2012 OMA (R. Koolhaas) / ECADI Dongsanhuanzhong Rd, CBD, Chaoyang

logements Dongrun housing 2012 Praxis d'Architecture Xusong East 4th St, Songzhuangzhen, Tongzhou

commerces West Street Number 1 stores 2012 6A2 Studio / Architectural Design & Research Institute of Tsinghua University Chengfu Rd, Wudaokou, Haidian

ambassade de France french embassy 2011 Sarea (A. Sarfati) / BIAD / F. Mercier (paysage landscape) Liang Ma Qiao Rd, Tianze Rd, Anjialou Rd

complex for the 7th International Strawberry Symposium (centre de formation, de convention, usine) training, convention centre, factory 2011 DADA Xiaotangshan Modern Agricultural Technology Display Garden, Changping

CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) 2010 ACXT / IDOM (Ing.) Zhongguancun Software Park, 8 Dongbeiwang West Rd, Haidian

logements Bumps housing 2009 Sako Chaoyang

logements Andersen Garden housing 2009 M. Schmidt, B. Hammer, J. F. Lassen 6 North of 4th E Ring Rd, bord by the Bahe River, Lido, Chaoyang

The Opposite House 2008 K. Kuma 11 Sanlitun Rd, Chaoyang

museum of CAFA (musée d'art contemporain) 2008 A. Isozaki CAFA (central academy of Fine Arts), 8 Hua Jia Di Nan St, Chaoyang

logements Linked Hybrid housing 2008 S. Holl / Beijing Capital Engineering Architecture Design Third Ring East, Xibahe South Rd, Chaoyang

extension National Library (bibliothèque nationale) 2008 KSP (J. Engel, M. Zimmermann) angle corner 33 Zhongguancun Nan Dajie, Wanshousi Rd, Haidian

bureaux Chemsunny Plaza offices 2008 SOM (Skidmore, Owings, Merrill) West Chang An Av, Xuanwu

terminal 3 airport terminal 2008 N. Foster BCIA - Beijing Capital International Airport

National Stadium (stade national) 2007 J. Herzog, P. De Meuron / China Architecture Design Institute Olympic Green

National Swimming Centre (centre de national de natation) 2007 PTW Olympic Green

Beijing Finance Street offices, hotels, ... 2007 SOM (Skidmore, Owings, Merrill) Xicheng

bureaux (tour) New Beijing Poly Plaza offices 2007 SOM (Skidmore, Owings, Merrill) 14 Dongzhimen Nandajie, Dongcheng

bureaux, Ccial Gemdale Plaza offices, shopping centre 2007 SOM (Skidmore, Owings, Merrill) angle corner Jianguo Rd, Langjiayuan Rd, CBD, Chaoyang

commerces, bureaux SOHO Chaowai shops, offices 2007 S. H. Sang angle corner Chaoyangmen Outer St, Jintong West Rd, Chaoyang

commerces, bureaux SOHO Shang du shops, offices 2005-2007 Lab Dongdaqiao Lu, Chaoyang

National Grand Theatre opera house 2006 P. Andreu pl Tiananmen (square), Dongcheng

SIEEB (Sino – Italian Ecological and Energy Efficient Building) 2006 M. Cucinella / CAG (China Architecture Design and Research Group)(C. Kai) Tsinghua University Campus

musée historique de Pékin museum 2005 Arep (J.-M. Duthilleul, E. Tricaud) / CAG (China Architecture Design and Research Group)(C. Kai) Baiyun St, Fu Xing Men

gare multimodale de Xizhimen intermodal station 2005 Arep (J.-M. Duthilleul, E. Tricaud) / CAG (China Architecture Design and Research Group) (C. Kai) Neidajie Rd, Xizhimen

Luxuriant City estate 2004 K. Rokkaku Haidingqu Sijiqingxiang, Haidian

commerces, bureaux, logements Jian Wai SOHO shops, offices, housing 2003-2004 R. Yamamoto / C+A / Mikan (K. Kamo, M. Sogabe, M. Takeuchi, M. Tardits) angle corner Jianguomenwai, Dongsanhuan, Chaoyang

logements Beijing Image housing 2003 O. Steidle 115 Fucheng Rd, Haidian

International School of Beijing-Shunyi 2002 Perkins + Will 10 An Hua St, Shunyi

logements (tour) Embassy house housing 2002 HOK International / Archiplan Dongzhimenwai St, Xing Fu Er Cun, 2nd Diplomatic, Dongcheng

Deutsche Botschaftsschule Peking (école allemande) german school 2001 GMP (Von Gerkan, Marg und Partner) 49 A Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang

bureaux, Ccial Beijing World Financial Center offices, shopping centre 2001 RTKL 16 Chaoyangmenwai St, Chaoyang

logements SOHO New town housing 2001 C. Kai, Z. Xiaod 88 Jianguo Rd, Chaoyang

siège "Bank of China" bank headquarters 2001 Pei Partnership (C. C., L. C. Pei) 1 Fuxingmennei Av, Chang An St, Xicheng

siège "ICBC - Industrial & Commercial Bank of China" bank headquarters 1999 SOM (Skidmore, Owings, Merrill) Chang An Av, Xicheng

siège "Construction Bank of China" bank headquarters 1999 TAOHO Design (T. Ho) 25 Finance St, Xicheng

bureaux (tour) Sun Flower Tower offices 1997 Novotny, Mähner 37 Maizidian St, Chaoyang

Golden Tulip Beijing Telecom Hotel 1995(?) X 6 Shefangyuan, Haidian

bureaux, logements, hôtel Jing Guang Center offices, housing, hotel 1990 Nihon Sekkei Hujialou, Chaoyang

Sino-Japanese Youth Exchange Center 1990 K. Kurokawa 40 Liangmahe, North Dongsanhuan Rd, Chaoyang

Palace Hotel 1987 Kumagai Design 8 Goldfish Lane, Wangfujing

Fragrant Hill Hotel 1982 I. M. Pei (Pei, Cobb, Freed) Fragrant Hills Park, Hadian


cité interdite forbidden city 1420 pl Tiananmen (square), Dongcheng



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